Relocation - FAQs

What if I'm solely looking and leasing online?

Not a problem! Our agents offer video/FaceTime tours of our apartments so you can see where you’ll actually be living. Leasing a unit blindly can be stressful. We get it! So, we’ll send you videos of where you’ll be living so that you’ll know all of your shoes will fit in your clsoet, or your 1 year old corgi will have enough space to derp around.

I need to move more than 2 months from now, can you still help me?

Sadly, we are able to start our search process 60 days before your move-in date. This is because pricing and availability are always changing. We can definitely start helping you find potential neighborhoods and apartments, but that’s all we can do until we’re closer to your move-in date!

What if I am coming to visit for one or two days just to look around?

We are always available to our customers! Just let your agent know when you’ll be here and we’ll have a tour and updated availability and pricing ready for you before you arrive. We can’t wait to show you bars, nightlife, and the best eats in town.

What is the best neighborhood for me to live in?

There are SOOO many neighborghoods we’d love to recommend, but it really depends on who YOU are, and what you are looking for, where you work, etc. Some of our favorite areas include Knox/Henderson, Deep Ellum, Oak Lawn, Uptown, and West Dallas. But we’ll ensure you end up in a neighborhood that is best for you.

How do I set up my electricity and other utilities?

You’ll find most areas we showcase offer unregulated energy services which means you have the freedom to shop for a utility company that offers the best deals. Their pricing changes all the time so it’s easy to find a good rate. You’ll find internet companies operate the same way.

What moving company should I use?

We know moving can be expensive so we would like to offer you a cash rebate or free move assistance from AB Movers. This is our way of saying thank you and perhaps help you recover some of the money you spent on application fees, deposits, etc. See THIS PAGE for more information.

What are my transportation options in the city?

Dallas, at least, has a metro rail transit system called the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) that can take you basically anywhere! There are plenty of apartments that are within walking distance to a DART station if you’re not planning on using your own car. However, a car is not a bad idea because Dallas is a big city and many key locations and hotspots are spread around. After all, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

Are any pets allowed?

Totally. Dallas is extremely doggy friendly. There are tons of eateries that allow dogs on their patios as well. Most non-aggressive dogs are allowed (with a separate pet deposit), and some have dog parks, and other dog-friendly outdoor features. If you have what may be considered an “aggressive” breed unfortunately, your options will be a bit limited. When you call us, we can talk about what to expect and whats right for you and your furbaby.

What costs should I consider when looking to rent in Dallas?

If you’re from a big city, you’re going to love this. Deposits around here range anywhere from $0 to $400. They can get a bit higher depending on credit issues, but there are no apartments that require first and last months rent. In fact, some apartments even give you a free month of rent!

Application fees can range anywhere from $0 to $100, and an additional fee, the admin fee, of $0 to $300. With good credit you shouldnt expect to pay more than about $500. If you have a pet your move-in cost may be a little bit more.

Do you offer any furniture and/or short-term leases?

If you want to rent furniture, we recommend using CORT. They are expensive but have exceptional customer service.

If you want to rent at least 3 months, we can help you out but pricing tends to be high for short term leases. It’s in your best interest to plan on staying for at least a year to save the money!