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Luxury apartments in Uptown can range from around $1200 for a one bedroom unit and $1600 for a two bedroom unit.

Uptown is one of the most popular and desirable locations in the Dallas area. Not only is it pedestrian-friendly, it’s also home to some of the best nightlife, shopping, and dining areas in the city. In a place full of excitement, it’s impossible to run out of things to do. Looking for a little bit of traditional Texas? Head over to The Rustic for live music and dancing. Want more of a casual vibe and delicious food? The Common Table is one of the best deals and food in town, and definitely don’t miss out on their great happy hours!

Apartments are located behind some of Uptown’s best clubs and bars for easy access and security. And if you’re not looking for a bar-centric life, Uptown can still be for you. Don’t worry about missing out on a traditional neighborhood feel, because Uptown has that too! It’s still able to hold onto a residential atmosphere with its large, overgrown trees among numerous trails and parks in the area. If Uptown is where you want to make home, we can help you find the perfect place.

Uptown Apartments

Oak Lawn

Luxury apartments in Oak Lawn can range from around $1100 for a one bedroom unit and $1500 for a two bedroom unit.

Are you looking for a place that’s in the middle of everything and always has something going on? A fast-growing area with many empty apartments looking to be filled, Oak Lawn has everything you could be wanting. It’s close to Katy Trail for you and your furry friends to get your sweat on. And head to Katy Trail Ice House to treat yourself on your way home. With popular pedestrian-accessible nightlife and a variety of retail offerings, opportunities for fun and adventure are just a walk or a bike ride away.

With a lifestyle that caters to those looking for a balance between a vibrant nightlife and watching Netflix in their sweats, Oak Lawn is the place for you. From Pride Parades to Nick & Sam’s, you can have it all.

Oak Lawn Apartments

West Village

Luxury apartments can range from $1300 for one bedroom and $1800 for two.

West Village apartments are the work-play living situation that most people only dream of. Whether you’re looking to shop in one of West Village’s exclusive boutiques and stores, or just looking to relax with friends at one of the popular local bars, you’ll find something that suits your interest. With over 88 local businesses and an emerging office market all within walking distance, you can be sure that you’ll never want for anything while living in West Village.

West Village Apartments


Luxury apartments can range from $1200 for one bedroom and $1700 for two.

Downtown Dallas has many options available for people of all ages. One of residents’ favorite thing to do is relax at the beautiful Klyde Warren Park, where there are always food trucks and music playing every Thursday night. If you wanted to make a day out of it, you could first see the Dallas Museum of Art, with amazing collections from talented artists, and cool off on a hot summer day. Then head over to the Nasher Sculpture Center and Perot Museum, for a fun-packed day of expanding your cultural knowledge!

Don’t forget that in addition to the amazing cultural experiences, there is a bustling fashion hub just a short walk down the street from world-class restaurants, like Wolfgang Puck. Whether you’re looking for a night of culture and fine dining, or maybe some retail therapy, Downtown is the place for you.

Downtown Apartments

Victory Park

Luxury apartments can range from $1300 for one bedroom and $1700 for two.

Experience the beauty of the Manhattan of Dallas in Victory Park, and have a metropolitan life without small-town compromise. Home of the famous American Airlines Center, stop by and see a concert, performing art, or a Maverick game. If that’s not your cup of tea, check out an alternative concert at the House of Blues, or take a break at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

What is more metropolitan than a relaxing Sunday brunch at Saint Annes, where you sip mimosas while being serenaded by live music? Not only this, but the Katy Trail, a 3.5 mile loop, is just a walk away, making it a relaxing end for walkers, runners, or bikers.

Victory Park is a location that just can’t be rivaled. From the boutique aesthetic to the luxury high-rises, come and see what we have to offer you.

Victory Park Apartments

Knox Henderson

Luxury apartments can range from $1200 for one bedroom and $1600 for two.

Want the trendy, hip apartment without the outrageous prices of Uptown? Just take a look at Knox Henderson apartments. A popular neighborhood for young professionals new to the Dallas area, Knox Henderson is minutes away from downtown Dallas, right off the highway.

Home to some of the newest apartments in the Dallas area, Knox Henderson is quickly becoming an exciting culture center for those starting out on their professional careers. The luxury buildings and Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood help to make this area a must for anyone looking for a lively place to live.

Knox Henderson Apartments

Deep Ellum

Luxury apartments can range from $1100 for one bedroom and $1600 for two.

Dallas has a secret, and it’s Deep Ellum. It’s a lesser known, hip neighborhood that prides itself on local living and draws in a wide variety of residents, from musicians to beef crafters. A community that has unique tastes, there are plenty of opportunities available to experience Deep Ellum’s superb nightlife.  If you find your new home in Deep Ellum, you’ll get a front row seat to one of the best live music scenes, and other spectacular events that Dallas has to offer.

With its rich history, you can rest easy with your decision to find your home in Deep Ellum. Find your dream apartment in the area that holds true Dallas character.

Deep Ellum Apartments

Medical District

Luxury apartments can range from $1100 for one bedroom and $1600 for two.

Located close to the several research centers in the area, the Medical District is one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals, especially for those studying medicine or working in one of the local medical offices.  With a location close to the Dallas Art Museum, high-class restaurants, and with easy access to the greater Dallas area off of the I-35, the Medical District can be your passport to a new world.

Medical District Apartments

Turtle Creek

Luxury apartments can range from $1300 for one bedroom and $1800 for two.

Directly adjacent to Uptown, Turtle Creek is a strong neighborhood close to all of the action of Downtown Dallas.  An upscale, utopic area, Turtle Creek is known for its luxury businesses and details that you will find yourself surrounded with.  Pedestrian-friendly dining, clubs, shopping, and other various entertainment centers are within your reach.  If you are looking for a home in Turtle Creek, we can get you the apartment that you might only have thought was possible in your dreams.

Turtle Creek Apartments


Luxury apartments can range from $1150 for one bedroom and $1500 for two.

A step forward in the work hard, play hard mentality, Midtown is truly a unique area that brings a new color to Dallas’s vibrant tapestry.  You never need to fear being removed from the traditional Dallas living, with a new trolley system that connects Midtown to the Galleria available to residents.  Creating almost a ‘city within a city’, Dallas Midtown is quickly rising as a major economic driver for the entire city. With many developing community buildings and apartments, Midtown is a breath of fresh air that brings many new opportunities and groups to the Dallas scene.

SMU/Midtown Apartments

Bishop Arts

Luxury apartments can range from $1100 for one bedroom and $1600 for two.

Let’s face it. Living in downtown Dallas can be fun, but that lifestyle just isn’t for everyone. Bishop Arts is a great way to get a ‘local’ experience, without staying in the middle of Downtown. Bishop Arts is an art-driven community that empowers eclectic local businesses and is proud of its strong support for business owners.

Close to local shopping options, art, boutiques, and restaurants, you have access to anything you might need with only a walk away. The famous Kessler Theatre is a local haven for indie artists and performing arts for those looking for a little music in their lives.

Bishop Arts Apartments


Luxury apartments can range from $1200 for one bedroom and $1700 for two.

Are you wanting to live in Uptown, but at less ridiculously extravagant prices? Cityplace could be the answer that you are searching for. With convenient public transportation options such as the streetcars and light rails, all of Downtown Dallas is within your reach if you are looking for it, but still far enough away for you to feel at home in a relaxed, slower-paced environment. Find your next home in the beautiful Cityplace area of Downtown Dallas.

Cityplace Apartments

Design District

Luxury apartments can range from $1100 for one bedroom and $1500 for two.

Many people focus on an area for one singular reason: location! This is something the Design District has in the bag, as one of the hottest and most bustling hubs of culture in the ‘new Dallas’. With Downtown Dallas less than one mile away, you have access to a world of possibilities. Previously known as an old warehouse district, this area has been transformed into a new and hip community that is bursting with possibilities.

The Design District is also located close to the American Airlines Center, and just across the highway from Uptown and Oak Lawn, with plenty of Ubers around to take you where you need to go. With a number of sleek and urban-centric apartments, you’ll never stand in want of anything with a hip apartment in the heart of Dallas.

Design District Apartments

Galleria Mall

Luxury apartments can range from $1050 for one bedroom and $1500 for two.

Are you looking for an outlet for your love of shopping, and an exciting night life right outside your front door? The Galleria Mall area could be the perfect area for you to make your new home. Right in the middle of the Dallas shopping, dining, and entertainment options, whatever you are searching for, you can definitely find it.

Galleria Mall Apartments

West End

Luxury apartments can range from $1200 for one bedroom and $1600 for two.

Historic West End in Dallas is the place to go when you’re looking for a little bit of the historic charm that might be lacking in the more modern areas of Dallas.  With the meshing of historical sites with more modern elements, West End is a delightful mix of all of your favorite things about Texas. From the Dallas World Aquarium to the John F. Kennedy Memorial, you can spend the entire day soaking in the sites of Dallas.  And when you need to take a break and refuel, take a horse-drawn carriage to the famous gourmet dinners at the YO Steakhouse.

If you’re looking for the blending of new worlds with the old, West End and its many luxury apartments could be the home that you are looking for.

West End Apartments

Las Colinas

Luxury apartments can range from $1000 for one bedroom and $1600 for two.

A top choice for upscale traveling businessmen, Las Colinas is a luxury suburb located right next to the DFW Airport. If you find yourself spending more time in airports than in your home, Las Colinas might be a match made in heaven for you. It’s a peaceful and relaxing area to spend time and unwind in when you finally make your way home. Find the perfect balance between fast-paced business bustle and laid-back country comforts, with stops like The Ranch for a dinner of chicken fried steak and a walk around The Mandalay Canal.

Home to a wide selection of luxury apartments close to resorts, clubs, and restaurants, Las Colinas could be your new home to relax from your busy life.

Las Colinas Apartments

Addison Circle

Luxury apartments can range from $1100 for one bedroom and $1550 for two.

Want to live in a walkable city, but don’t want to deal with city living? Addison Circle is the perfect compromise, as a neighborhood that still holds onto the Uptown feel that makes city life desirable. Addison holds claim to a great place for relaxing with friends and family, whether over drinks at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, or over a meal at Kenny’s Woodfired Grill. There will always be something exciting to do in Addison, no matter if you’re wanting to plan a fun date night or night out with the coworkers. If you’re looking for a home in Addison Circle, we can help you find the apartment of your dreams!

Addison Circle Apartments

Park Cities

Luxury apartments can range from $1200 for one bedroom and $1700 for two.

The gorgeous Park Cities area combines Highland Park and University Park townships. It is mostly populated by affluence and boasts some of the highest per capita incomes in the state of Texas. Park Cities is just minutes away from SMU campus life and a quick 3-minute Uber ride can take you to the Dallas Uptown/Downtown areas for museums, restaurants shopping and more.

Park Cities Apartments

Lower Greenville/M Streets

Luxury apartments can range from $1200 for one bedroom and $1650 for two.

Lower Greenville is located in East Dallas, adjacent to the Uptown and down-town Dallas areas. It has been a popular gathering spot and watering hole since the 1930’s.

You can find many lively bars, restaurants, boutique stores as well as live music events. There is much revitalization going on in recent years and much of the old architecture has been wonderfully preserved. This special pocket of Dallas has its own “vibe” and is very walkable and hip. Perfect if you’re looking for something with a little more personality.

Lower Greenville Apartments


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