Las Colinas is an affluent suburb in Irving, which is centrally located between Fort Worth and Dallas. The community is also near Love Field Airport and the DFW International Airport. Those factors make Las Colinas an easy commute and the perfect community.

With gated enclaves, office towers, high-end hotels, and many other amenities, Las Colinas is ideal for those who love luxury living. In addition, the community is close to shopping, dining, entertainment, a vibrant nightlife scene, professional sports complexes, and parks.

Where to live?

As a developing residential suburb, Las Colinas is filled with single-family homes, townhomes, condos, urban lofts, and more. Those who want truly luxurious Las Colinas apartments will find everything from high-end studios to spacious penthouses. Since the community was designed with livability in mind, there are plenty of high rises near parks and other amenities. Furthermore, the entire area is safe and very walkable.

Plenty of Attractions

Of course, Las Colinas wouldn’t be so livable if it wasn’t home to so many attractions. For example, the community features no less than three country clubs. However, the most notable attraction is the Toyota Music Factory, an amazing entertainment complex. It cost approximately $175 million and only recently formally opened on September 9, 2017. Included is a 100,000-square-foot concert hall and amphitheater with an 8,000-seat capacity. The complex also features 300,000 square feet of restaurants and retail, 100,000 square feet of office space, a movie theater, and a bowling alley. In addition, there’s a 4,000-seat indoor music theater with a wall that retracts to create an open-air pavilion.

Residents also love the Las Colinas Flower Clock. Nestled in a master-planned community at the intersection of O’Connor Road and John Carpenter Freeway, this unique clock attracts locals and visitors. It’s amazing to see this well-maintained timepiece, which is beautifully adorned year-round with greenery and fresh blooms. Be sure to take pictures while you’re there.

Ideal for Businesses

Las Colinas has made a name for itself by being the ideal Texas locale for entrepreneurs and business owners. In fact, the community is home to more 2,000 companies. These include the Fortune 500 global headquarters for Commercial Metals, ExxonMobil, Fluor, and Kimberly-Clark. The convenient location, friendly environment, and wealth of office parks has made Las Colinas the perfect place to conduct business.

If you’re searching for Las Colinas apartments, reach out to DFW Highrises Lofts and Flats. With the right agent, you’re sure to find a great home in this booming suburb.