When searching for your first Dallas Uptown apartments you might think you have a good idea of what you want your apartment to include, the number of bedrooms, amenities available, and location. While it is exciting to find a new place to live, there are also numerous things that you need to be aware of before you sign a lease for an apartment that isn’t going to be the right place for you. We’ve come up with a checklist of things to keep in mind, that can help to keep your expectations in check and help you find the right place to call home.

Utilities: gas, electric, cable, trash, water; are any of them included in your monthly rent?
Amenities: gym, pool, security, community area or club house; do they have an additional fee associated with using them?
Laundry: in-unit, on-site?
Appliances: dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer; are any of these included in the unit?
Pets: allowed? Size limits? Extra fees?
Room dimensions: are your current furnishings going to fit inside the space?
Storage: how much storage does the apartment have? Is there extra storage available on the property (for bikes, holiday boxes, etc.)?
Subleasing/Break a lease: does the property allow for you to sublease or break your lease if you need to move prior to the lease being up? What penalties or fees are associated with it?

In addition to this list, it is also important to think about location. As with all real estate, it all comes down to location, location, location! Are you looking for a location that is close to downtown and all the action? Or would you prefer to have a place that is within walking distance of some green spaces? Knowing what your ideal location would be, and what your budget is can be very beneficial in helping to narrow down your search.

Other important factors to consider when searching for a new Dallas Uptown apartments, include:

Commute to and from work: how long is your commute to work every day going to be? The shorter the commute time, the more attractive the location will be.
Neighborhood attractions: how many attractions are located within the neighborhood? Are there coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, a night life, gym, shopping centers, parks, entertainment? How many attractions you are looking for could determine where you want to relocate to.
Safety: how safe is the area? What is the crime rate in the neighborhood? Will you be walking to and from public transportation at night? Walking a dog or running in the neighborhood? You’ll want to find an area that is safe enough for you to enjoy the lifestyle that you live.
Green spaces: how important is it to you to be located close to green spaces? Having grass, trees, and nature close is important if you have pets to walk!

At DFW Highrises we can help you find the perfect apartment in the Dallas area to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget!